Friday, June 08, 2007

Rocketbunny Rocks the Rockies

I guess I’ve officially left the garage, so it’s time to start the trip report!

Every summer for the past three years, I’ve packed up my bike, petted the bunnies good-bye, and headed out on a grand motorcycling adventure.

Due to a shortage of time last year, I only had a week to spare, so I rolled out to West Virginia for the Sport-Touring.Net National Meet in Canaan Valley. To whet your appetite, my trip report from that tour is here:

This year, with a little more time at my job (or as Dad puts it: "You're not very important, are you?"), I’ll be riding for a full two weeks.

My itinerary starts with a quick dash north to meet up with some like-minded riders and friends from all over the country at the 2007 Sport-Touring.Net National Meet in Custer, SD.

Following the meet, I’ll have 1.5 weeks to make my way south through the Rocky Mountains from northern Montana all the way down to Arizona.


My 2005 BMW R1200ST, purchased in Nov 2005, now has 29,000 miles on the odometer. It got a fresh set a Michelin Pilot Road tires, a valve adjust, and an oil change a few weeks ago.

Gearwise, I didn’t purchase anything new for this trip. My camping gear is listed here: with the only change being a switch to an REI Zephyr synthetic 10 degree sleeping bag (women’s model) that was purchased before my Big Bend trip last December. I also carry an extra fleece blanket and sleeping bag liner in compression bags for those extra cold (or extra hot!) nights.

My gear page is almost up to date:
I recently purchased a pair of Teknic gauntlet riding gloves for general use. I’ll be bringing the Tourmaster suit, Caberg helmet, Sidi waterproof boots, my Widder electric vest, and every pair of gloves that I own.

I’ll be keeping my camera close. My trusty HP laptop is *reporting for trip report duty* with a built-in wireless card for those (less and less) elusive hot spots and the ability to use my cell phone as a modem in a pinch.

Keep an eye on this blog over the next two weeks for plenty of pictures and accounts of my travel experiences.

My tour started this morning when I left home, but doesn’t really get underway until I leave work today and head north to lay down a quick 200 miles.

No plan survives first contact with the enemy, be it road hazards, rain, or rampaging roaches. Follow along as Rocketbunny Rocks the Rockies!

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