Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The Pumpkin Massacre last night was a success. We had around 30 guests of all ages in the house, madly scooping guts and getting creative with knives. I was pleased to see that a large number of my friends from TWTexans managed to make it all the way out here...

Dinner was tri-tip, potato salad, beans, and bread. The Texans universally decreed that tri-tip was *yummy*, even as they tried to guess what part of the cow it came from.

If I had a camera more capable in low-light situations, this picture would be far more interesting. As is, I present a view of some of the carved pumpkins from early in the evening, when my camera still had battery life...

In other news, my cat Cali isn't feeling well. We went to the vet this afternoon for a short examination to figure out why he's not keeping food down. The vet didn't find anything wrong, so we're going to try some anti-nausea medicine and bland food for a few days.

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