Saturday, September 30, 2006

September Pie Run and Ride

The TWT September Pie Run was held today in Brenham, TX at "Must Be Heaven," a 50's style soda fountain with a gourmet deli attached.

The lunch was excellent. I shared a Muffaletta with "The Big Spank Daddy" aka Chris. We then split slices of "Bourbon Chocolate Pecan" and "Sawdust" (banana, coconut, & graham cracker) pies.

I rode out there solo, but hooked up with Rebecca and David afterward. We went over some goaty farm roads, a very old iron bridge, and visited a couple of hundred-year old "Painted Churches of Fayette County" near Weimar, TX.

Light twisties on FM-362

Low bridge underpass on Scenic FM-390

Overlooking Lake Somerville
From a website about the churches:

"The term "Painted" comes from the elaborate faux-finished interiors - painted by itinerant artists who advertised in church bulletins and newspapers. Several were resident artists in San Antonio. Gold-leafed, stone and polished marble columns and ceilings are (upon closer examination) actually finely-fitted woodwork. The paint - mixed on site - is still vibrant and bright - even after all these years."

St John the Baptist, Ammansville, TX - 1919

Rebecca in her element. Dirt!

Oldest Still-in-Use Iron Bridge in Texas

That thar bridge dun't like them heavy auto-mo-biles

Sts Cyril and Methodius, Dubina, TX - 1912

I did about 300 miles today...bringing the R1200ST to 18,500 (aka 500 miles late for the 18k service)

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