Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life With Lucy

I've had Lucy for about 4 months now. She's mostly figured out how things work: where to "go", which toys are hers, don't chase the Cat, etc.

Some pics for the grandparents:

A typical evening nap on the couch (she steals pillows)

At work (she comes with me about once a week)

Taking a bath (poor little abused puppy)

On a hike


Conlaoch said...

Awesome looking pup.

Yer in for a world of fun....

Nothing better then wagging tails and happy dogs when ya come home at night.


Black Ice said...


We had a dog named Lucy...for about a week. Then she tried to kill the cat, so it was back to the HS. Seems like yours is more successful.

Rebecca "Squeaky" Nelson said...

Aww, great pics. She really is a cool pup.