Wednesday, May 03, 2006

6000 mile service completed!

And the ST is running great!

I dropped the R1200ST off at BMW North Houston yesterday morning. They didn't have the promised loaner bike available, so a tech dropped me off at work and then picked me up in the evening to get the bike back.

While I waited for a tech to finish doing the Texas state inspection (so I can get Texas plates) I chatted with the other mechanics. They were impressed with the rat's nest under my seat. One guy said he'd never seen so many electronics installed on a motorcycle. When they heard that I'd installed them all myself, one asked if I needed a job. :)

And the bike is pretty again. I'd washed it only a week ago, but they washed it again and even polished the wheels (I watched). No pics though. Cost for the service and inspection was $302. I think the service alone would have been $270.

Immediately after picking it up, I rode over to Clay's Restaurant and hung out with the TWTexans tuesday night meet, which was pretty well attended this week.


carolyn said...

Wooo pretty shiny bike! :)

How was Vegas? What were you there for?

Becca said...

Yeah, that report is coming. I've been so dead at night that I haven't even pulled pictures off my camera yet. Soon!